The iPhone is a new type of smartphone designed and distributed by Apple, Inc. Its impressive engineering has redefined what a mobile device is all about. You’ll agree that the iPhone is certainly not just for making calls. Here, you can read about all the latest iPhone news and updates.

iPhone 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3Gs vs 3G vs 2G Speed Comparison Test

Hitler gets angry about iPhone 4S

Tell Me About - IPHONE 5 spesa INUTILE? • RichardHTT


ACI Connect Assists Real Estate Appraisers On the Go

[Thomson Reuters ONE] - PRESS RELEASE ACI Connect Assists Real Estate Appraisers On the Go Free iPhone app brings convenience and content PALM COAST, Fla. - April 30, 2013 - ACI, a leading provider of real estate appraisal ...

2013-04-30 09:02:02


3 Things Apple Needs in iOS 7

[at Motley Fool] - Apple is about to unveil the next major version of iOS in June. What features should Apple add or improve? It could start with these three.

2013-04-30 06:30:00


Sell Treasuries, Buy Apple

[at Motley Fool] - With Apple preparing to sell bonds, there are reasons to sell U.S.-backed debt.

2013-04-30 06:14:21


Apple Recap: Nokia’s Ad, Money Borrowing, and iPhone Rumors

[at Wall St. Cheat Sheet] - Research firm Strategy Analytics reported last week that Apple’s share of the global smartphone market dropped in the first quarter...

2013-04-30 06:09:03


Does This Patent Application Foretell a New Product from Apple?

[at Wall St. Cheat Sheet] - Is Apple prepping the European market for a revolutionary new product? Apple recently filed a patent application in Europe that covers “bulk-solidifying amorphous alloys, or bulk metallic glasses” that ...

2013-04-30 04:34:06


MacMillan Agrees to $20 Million E-Book Prices Settlement

[at Bloomberg] - Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH’s MacMillan unit agreed to pay $20 million to consumers to settle claims it conspired with Apple Inc. and other U.S. publishers to fix the prices of electronic ...

2013-04-30 04:31:34


The iPhone -- Not iPad -- Will Be Apple's Big Growth Driver

[at Motley Fool] - For the last few quarters, iPad unit growth has run well ahead of iPhone unit growth at Apple. However, this trend is not likely to last.

2013-04-30 02:39:48


How Much Cash Did Apple Generate in an Hour?

[at Bloomberg] - April 29 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "BWest Byte," Cory Johnson discusses the $4,805,860.81 that Apple generated in the time it took to broadcast Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." ...

2013-04-30 02:29:36


Google invades Siri's turf with iPhone, iPad app

[AP] - Siri may be feeling a little job insecurity. The sometimes droll assistant that answers questions and helps people manage their lives on Apple's iPhone and iPad is facing competition from an up-and-coming ...

2013-04-30 01:57:48


Samsung Loses Bid to Pause New Damages Trial in Apple Case

[at Bloomberg] - Samsung Electronics Co. lost a bid to delay a new trial over damages for some its products found by a U.S. jury in August to have infringed Apple Inc. patents.

2013-04-30 01:40:58


A Cheaper iPhone in China Won't Help Apple

[at Motley Fool] - One outlier disagrees with the hype for a cheaper iPhone. China doesn't need it, he insists.

2013-04-30 01:32:02


Apple Turns to Wall Street for 1st Time in 17 Years

[at Bloomberg] - April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Goldman Sachs, which has been advising Apple on how to deal with its multibillion-dollar cash pile, and Deutsche Bank, Germany’s biggest lender, are in the lead to help the iPhone ...

2013-04-30 01:24:04


Apple's Plan for Its Billion Dollar Cash Pile

[at Bloomberg] - April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Peter Burrows reports on Apple and its hoard of cash. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

2013-04-30 00:31:36


Take our mobile survey and you might win an iPad mini

PCWorld's parent company, IDG, is once again conducting its annual Global Mobile Survey, which quizzes you on your mobile-device habits and media consumption so we can learn more about how people are using their smartphones and tablets today. Readers who participate will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win an iPad mini. This year we want to explore whether you use your smartphone for online purchases, and if not, what's holding you back? Your feedback will help us to more closely align our mob

2013-04-29 23:54:00


This Turnaround Story Will Reward Smart Investors

[at Motley Fool] - Once a leading name in the mobile phone industry, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has recently struggled to compete against smartphone giants Apple and Samsung . Nokia’s Symbian operating system has been outdated a ...

2013-04-29 22:10:25


Has Nokia Found the Foil For Apple and Samsung?

[at Wall St. Cheat Sheet] - Nokia is releasing its $20 basic handset, but it could be planting the seeds to challenge smartphone rivals in the future.

2013-04-29 21:07:03


Samsung's Galaxy S4 Display Catches Up With iPhone Retina

[at Forbes] - Is Apple about to lose an important part of its design reputation?

2013-04-28 16:24:22


Apple Finally Embraces Its Value Stock Destiny

[at Motley Fool] - Apple finally admitted this week that its stock is really a value stock, not a growth stock.

2013-04-28 02:00:00


Does Apple Need a Loan for Billions?

[at Motley Fool] - As a part of Apple's new capital plan, it plans to issue debt.

2013-04-27 22:45:00


College Hoops and Major League Baseball Lift Smartphone Sports Apps

[PR Newswire] - COLUMBIA, Md., April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Use of sports apps by members of the Arbitron Mobile smartphone panel has been climbing steadily since their post-Super Bowl, mid-winter doldrums, thanks to ...

2013-04-25 18:19:00


Why Apple Is Waiting for a Bigger iPhone

[at Motley Fool] - Apple keeps sitting on the sidelines as the phablet niche continues to grow. When with the iPhone maker jump in to address that market segment? Only when it can overcome performance trade-offs.

2013-04-25 18:18:53


DoMark Announces Global Launch for There New IRcharger Cover for All Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Products

[Business Wire] - DoMark International Inc. , a leader in infrared/solar charging systems for Apple and Samsung devices, is pl

2013-04-22 17:05:00


DoMark International Announces the Signing of an M.O.U. to Purchase Game Changing New Samsung and Apple Accessory Product Developer Zaktek Ltd.

[Business Wire] - DoMark International Inc. , a leader in infrared and solar charging systems for Apple and Samsung devices, i

2013-04-16 14:00:00


Study finds 25 percent of Android apps to be a security risk

According to a new report from Bit9—a security vendor with a focus on defending against advanced persistent threats (APT)—there is a one in four chance that downloading an Android app from the official Google Play market could put you at risk. Bit9 analyzed 400,000 or so apps in Google Play, and found over 100,000 it considers to be on the shady side. Does that mean that the sky is falling, and everyone with an Android smartphone or tablet should abandon it immediately? No. The research by Bit9 illustra

2012-11-05 16:07:00


Getting the Jobs done! Ashton Kutcher is back in Apple boss Steve's trademark polo shirt ...

He is said by friends to have been 'rehearsing for hours and hours' before taking on the role of Steve Jobs in a new movie biopic. And Ashton Kutcher was back on set today looking more focussed than ever, sporting the Apple boss's trademark polo shirt, this time in a bright green colour. The 34-year-old actor strolled through the set with co-star Ahna O'Reilly who plays the tech genius's first girlfriend Chris-Ann Brennan in new biopic Jobs: Get Inspired. Tech genius: Ashton Kutcher steps out in another cas

2012-06-14 09:46:00

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